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Minggu, 3 September 2017
Healthy Lifestyle can minimize Stroke

The campaign of a healthy lifestyle in order to raise the level of a healthy living awareness which has been already existed and has become a common knowledge for everyone, including the young executives.  It has encouraged young executives to apply it by paying more attention to their diet and taking exercise regularly. In addition, according to dr. Buti Azhali, Sp.A, M.Kes, young executives also rely their possible health problems on multivitamin supplements.

Nevertheless, according to dr. Buti, who currently handles many patients in Brawijaya Clinic Bandung; Admitted that there are still many young executives who are trapped on the unhealthy lifestyle.  Such as consuming a bad diet which lack of fiber and less fluid intake and also the smoking habits that they cannot be avoided. Citing, these young executives tend to like foods that contain flavors.


Seeing these conditions, it is not surprising that the threat of various dangerous diseases may occur among the young executives aged 25-40 such as ulcers, livers, cholesterol, triglycerides, and sugars that cause heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes in the future. In fact, most stroke patients are young executives and patients aged 40 years and over (
Therefore, to reduce the risk according to Dr. Buti, it is important to do a healthy lifestyle as early as possible by increasing the intake of mineral water, fruits, vegetables, and more active moves. Because, now the health threat does not know the age.
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