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Sabtu, 4 Oktober 2014
The Importance of Knowing How Your Employees Behave

 “We hire based on skill, but we fire people based on attitude”

It is true, isn’t it? Few of my friends, include Human Resources from Insurance companies, believe that if we have 2 choices which we can only choose one: Person A, High Achiever & Bad Attitude or Person B, Average Achiever & Excellent attitude; guess! which they will go for?

Person B!!

That’s correct. We always prefer someone who give the best effort at work and show respect to peers or supervisor rather than someone who is so damn good achiever but show no respect to others. I don’t know about you but I am sure that 90% of people will have made same choice this way including the respondents from insurance companies. 
Unfortunately, although we know exactly and realize that employees’ attitude matter, we always instead test them for “skill-related” in the interview. We always hire someone by testing their IQ, logical skill, endurance to pressure, language skill, and so on. We never get ourselves to understand that attitude test is as the same important that those tests. That is why, my topic in this article is the importance of personality test which in this topic, what I mean is DISC Assessment. 

DISC Assessment is a behaviour assessment tool, firstly created by Psychologist, William Marston in 1972. DISC contains four type of personalities which DISC itself stands for Dominance, Inducement, Submission, Compliance. Someone certainly will not only have one D/I/S/C but he/she will be combination of 2 or 3 type of personalities between D/I/S or C (or even actually someone will have 4 of them). Me, myself, I have combination of D, I and C (with a very low ‘S’) and the proportion between them depends on the situation that I am in whether I am at work or at natural life. It is also possible for someone will has extreme personality like ‘Double-D’. I remember one of my HR friend in Insurance, she/he hired one OB with ‘Double-D’ personality; as the effect, this OB do not fear to interrupt BOD hot discussion just to delivered their cups of coffee. 

Dominance type of personality is indicated mostly as leaders; by having dominance, someone is likely to appear more powerful than the environment. While people who have Inducement, he/she is more likely to appear powerful also, but their image are more to soft-hearted and patient type of people. While dominance is directive; Inducement personality is more to  not straight to the point, eventhough he/she is directing you. Submission type of personality also refers to supportive,steadiness & safety. This person who has most S personality tends like to work that is not too dynamic, for example as administration or perhaps operational. While C stands for compliance is suitable for people who need to always complying the rules and based on proven facts; Accounting position needs C personality best. 
It is important for we, as Human Resources in Insurance Industry or else to know what is the personality in candidates as well as employees. Do not expect someone to be a good department manager if he/she does not has ‘D-Personality’ or ‘I-Personality’ at all, at the end he/she will only be good performer, not a good leader. Although actually, someone’s ‘D’ type can be trained over time by leadership training, coaching and etc., but it is important for us to know which level of D is he/she currently in order for us to set the starting point. All personalities and combination of personalities have their own strengths and weaknesses; it is just our task to get them right task and right position to achieve optimum result. 
You can find free DISC test in the internet easily, however they only show which personality between D, I, S or C and perhaps 1 paragraph of explanation and nothing more. A thorough explanation about personality include how can you optimize their performance based on their behavior will only be provided by professional service provider of DISC Assessment. The professional DISC test is really amazing, if you can imagine from only less than 10 mins test, you can get result explanation of someone behaviour for up to 40 pages. By knowing their behaviour, as Human Resources Team, we have contributed to maximize result of everyone performance and also to minimize stress level possibility in the organization. 
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Stanny Kusumadewi

 Stanny Kusumadewi is having her type of mixed educational background between Architecture and Business. She graduated from Universitas Tarumanagara Jakarta in 2009 and earned her degree in Architecture. She pursued her dream to live overseas in 2010 by studying for her master degree in Business. In 2012, she graduated with The Dean’s Award from Charles Sturt University in Melbourne. Not only her education, but her working experience is ‘mixed between this and that’, say marketing, analytics and even direct sales position on the street. She always think she has bad resume because of her ‘mixed-things’, but life has brought her to a profession where her experiences benefit her. She is now a professional headhunter and recruitment consultant to many companies in Indonesia and sharing to you about her very own experiences in  Human Resources industry.