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Rabu, 3 September 2014
Draw a Line between Workshop, Training, Coaching and Mentoring (English)

As the HR team in the company, we sometimes were made confuse with the term of training and workshop, mentoring and coaching. For instance, a friend of mine from HRD in Insurance Company received a proposal from vendor for coaching, while after a see-saw to the material, it is a form of mentoring; Similarly, in another case, while it is more resemble to a workshop proposal but vendor calls it training. Huh?

In order to give clarification about this, I want to peel a little in a simple-short  and also easy to be understood, the differences and the understanding about those four terms above, Training-Workshop-Mentoring-Coaching.  The purpose is to avoid further mixed-up between those four terms above. These days, the term "Coaching" has becoming  more popular until previously Trainer to replace their business cards to new title as "Coach", but it is not accompanied by a further deepening of what Coach is. 


When one of my friend, HR in a leading insurance company, sent  employees to training or workshop; mostly employees felt excited surely, for different reasons: as an escape from daily routine, learn something new, to expand networking or even some more used it as a Nutrition Day (In regards to the meal provided in Training, usually in 5* Hotel). While of course, not to ignore the possibility that there would be 500 emails waiting in their inbox after training.

The differences between training and workshop, in my opinion, is in the density of participants’ involvement in the event. For instance, Motivation Training where the motivator is as the main actor  who carries out the material and the audience is just the audience. Workshop, in the other hand , participant takes more active role because after the delivery of material by the speaker (the material is usually divided into several stages), there will be "exercise" or "real study case" which given and  to be done by the participants in accordance to piece of material that had just been given. Training and workshop can usually be done to hone both hard skills and soft skills such as Excel Workshop Advancement, Training Regulations of OJK or other Leadership Workshop. Both Workshop and Training, the key word is one speaker VS many audiences


On the other hand,Mentoring or Coaching, the key word is the One to One (or at least smaller than participants in training/workshop). Mentoring usually is a term used when one person train his/her successor. For example, EX-CEO  of an insurance company trained the potential CEOs in the same company, then this is mentoring; while, Coaching basically comes from the terms coaching as we use in Sport; Alex Ferguson, may be used as one example of Coach. Basically, they both mean the same, but the difference, Coach does not necessarily mean an EX-CEO from the insurance industry or related to insurance business or instead had never been a CEO on the company in the identical company.



In regards to training or workshop,  they usually do not need to interfere to the affair whether  the goal of the participants is reached. In different, Coach / Mentor formulates strategy, applies, develops strategy, applies, so the Coach / Mentor will always ensure that the strategy has been used and the goal is achieved / does not achieved. Coach or mentor usually sets the target in the shorter term, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and so on. If training, mentoring and workshops can be conducted by internal, for example Mentoring Internal fellow peers, or training from more experienced employees to force batch Management Trainee, or superior-subordinate Mentoring, Coaching is provided by external because the good coach always prioritize objectivity.

It's all a glimpse between the difference of Mentoring –Coaching-Training -Workshop. Again, I was drawn to this story because there has been confusion in using the four terms above. I hope it really clarifies. 

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