Analisa Bisnis
Senin, 12 November 2018
Opportunity of Life and Accident Insurance through Digital Transportation Platform as a Channel

The development of Digital business will not only threaten the existing conventional business practices, but also can be a great opportunity for conventional businesses. However, the entrepreneur should be able to see the opportunities, and quickly respond by doing innovation in order to be able to adapt to the changes.

In the insurance business, Jasa Raharja Putera which is a subsidiary of PT. Jasa Raharja (Persero) targets drivers (Motorbikes and Cars) of the transportation companies (both online and offline) to protect themselves with insurance protection. In otherword, the driver is the target market of life insurance, while transportation service companies will become the Corporate Channel for sales of insurance product.

Sehingga, dengan begitu cepatnya pertumbuhan bisnis transportasi online, maka jumlah pengendara (baik motor maupun mobil) di Indonesia pun akan meningkat dengan pesat, dengan digital platform sebagai leverage factor-nya. Yang mana jumlah potensi pasar dari asuransi jiwa dan asuransi kecelakaan, akan semakin terbuka lebar.
Thus, with the rapid growth of the online transportation business, the number of drivers (both motorbikes and cars) in Indonesia will also increase rapidly, with the digital platform as its leverage factor. Where the size of its market potential of life insurance will increase significantly.
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